Wetherington Highlights Pitfalls of Online Reviews

MIDTOWN, Ga. (CBS46) — A member at Anytime Fitness wrote a review, and the next thing he knew it the owner of the gym cancelled his membership.



Hensely Roberts was a member at this Anytime Fitness in Midtown for several years. Last month he wrote a review explaining that they don’t have locker rooms, and in the bathrooms where the shower is located, they don’t have a bench to place their things on, or sit while changing.

Roberts says, the owner of the gym responded acknowledging the problem.

Yet when Roberts went for a workout, his key fob didn’t work.

He says the owner said they were cancelling his membership since they couldn’t make him happy.

Roberts says their decision to cancel his membership undermines the whole review system for everyone if people in that gym are afraid to make a bad review knowing they could lose their membership.

“If someone is going to cancel you as a customer because you wrote a review it negates the entire the point of review system. The system is there to find out what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it.”

Atlanta attorney Matt Wetherington says that this is a great example of the intimidation tactics corporations use to stop honest feedback and reviews.