When Replacing Only Two Tires, Should the New Tires Be Placed on the Front or Back?

When Buying Two Tires Instead of Four, Place the Two New Tires on the Rear By: Matt Wetherington   In an ideal world, motorists who need new tires would always buy a complete set of four at the same time.  However, for various reasons, many consumers purchase two new tires instead of four.  If you […]

It’s Time for Georgia to Include Tires in Annual Vehicle Inspections

There Is More To Tire Safety Thank Checking Air Pressure By: Matt Wetherington Every consumer knows to periodically check the pressure and occasionally rotate and balance their tires.  But very few consumers know of the hidden hazards that affect EVERY passenger tire in the United States.  These hazards hit warm-weather states like Georgia, Florida, and […]

Complete List of Tire DOT Plant Codes – With All Old and New Plant Codes

Tire DOT Codes – 2021 Edition This page contains a complete list of all tire plant codes.  The list is sortable and searchable.  This data was originally hosted by the Tire Safety Group.  Our firm’s founder, Matt Wetherington created the Tire Safety Group to help educate and empower consumers.  The Wetherington Law Firm handles tire […]

$3 Million Settles Portion of Tire Failure Case

$3 Million Settlement For Recalled Tire   A final, confidential settlement with Ford Motor Co. has ended a multidefendant suit involving a woman injured when a tire that was supposed to have been recalled nearly 12 years earlier blew out, sending the Ford Explorer she was driving tumbling on I-85. Over the course of the […]