Too Much or Too Little Air Pressure Can Cost you Money

Properly inflated tires can help maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With the cost of fuel continuously increasing, it’s essential that you do everything you can to increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Properly maintaining the pressure of your tires can have a significant impact on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

How to Identify a Defective Tire Case in Georgia and Key First Steps

10 Practice Tips For Products Liability Claims Involving Tires By: Matt Wetherington and Jeb Butler He is driving.  There need not be—and probably will not be—any remarkable details.  There are no drunk drivers, no excessive speeds, no adverse weather conditions, no unmarked curves, no fatigued truckers, and no unusual steering inputs.  Without warning, the vehicle […]

When Replacing Only Two Tires, Should the New Tires Be Placed on the Front or Back?

When Buying Two Tires Instead of Four, Place the Two New Tires on the Rear By: Matt Wetherington   In an ideal world, motorists who need new tires would always buy a complete set of four at the same time.  However, for various reasons, many consumers purchase two new tires instead of four.  If you […]

It’s Time for Georgia to Include Tires in Annual Vehicle Inspections

There Is More To Tire Safety Thank Checking Air Pressure By: Matt Wetherington Every consumer knows to periodically check the pressure and occasionally rotate and balance their tires.  But very few consumers know of the hidden hazards that affect EVERY passenger tire in the United States.  These hazards hit warm-weather states like Georgia, Florida, and […]