Online Research of Potential Jurors: A Survey of Resources and Ethical Boundaries

Practice Tips From Matt Wetherington on Juror Research for Trials in Georgia  Note: This article was originally published in 2013.  Since then, a lot has changed.  But this article is still helpful as a basic primer on online research of jurors.  And the ethics rules have NOT changed as of 2021.   Online research of […]

Personal Injury Lawyer Practice Tips: Guide to Online Marketing for Georgia Attorneys

How Search Engine Optimization and Law Firm Branding can Transform Your Practice   By:  Matt Wetherington & Darren Tobin 2021 NOTE:  This article was originally written in 2014.  Surprisingly, not much has changed with the core concepts and it remains solid advice for any lawyer getting started with their practice.  As proof, look at how […]

How to Identify a Defective Tire Case in Georgia and Key First Steps

10 Practice Tips For Products Liability Claims Involving Tires By: Matt Wetherington and Jeb Butler He is driving.  There need not be—and probably will not be—any remarkable details.  There are no drunk drivers, no excessive speeds, no adverse weather conditions, no unmarked curves, no fatigued truckers, and no unusual steering inputs.  Without warning, the vehicle […]

GeoCode Tips

Search phrase:  Keyword geocode:LATITUDE,LONGITUDE,##km Examples: wreck geocode:33.412788,-84.734553,15km flood OR surge geocode:40.714353,-74.00597299999998,20km gun OR dangerous geocode:33.747471,-84.329324,5km Basic guide to geocode searching here. Twitter location search resources: How to find a latitude/longitude Use Hootsuite to search Twitter by location Use Tweetdeck to search Twitter by location Advanced topics to search by location with Twitter. Example Twitter location […]


Practice Tips From Matt Wetherington on Working With Experts   The mandate of the United States and Georgia civil justice system is to provide parties before the court with a “just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.”[1]  Prohibitive litigation costs, particularly from experts, undermines the “inexpensive” goal of the civil justice system.  In most […]


Practice Tips:  Best Practices for Protective Orders in Georgia Courts By Matt Wetherington & Ben Levy   Secrecy is a tactic used by corporations to deprive individuals of the ability to make informed decisions and participate in public discourse about their safety, health, and financial interests.  The primary secrecy tools used by corporations are protective […]

Legal Ethics: AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION: Formal Opinion 496 – Responding to Online Criticism

Formal Opinion From the American Bar Association on Responding to Negative Reviews Online Originally Published January 13, 2021 by the ABA.   Lawyers are regularly targets of online criticism and negative reviews. Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.6(a) prohibits lawyers from disclosing information relating to any client’s representation or information that could reasonably lead to […]

Product Liability: Tire Defect Cases; Product Liability and Design Defect Cases in Georgia

Practice Tips From Matt Wetherington on Screening Products Liability Cases in Georgia   A young man is a passenger in a vehicle traveling on the highway.  He is properly wearing a seatbelt, the vehicle is traveling within the speed limit, and everything about the trip has been unremarkable.  Suddenly, the vehicle makes a loud noise […]

Getting Medical Records Cheaply Using the HITECH Act

Stop paying hundreds of dollars for medical records and use the HITECH Act to get records for less than $10.   By:      Matt Wetherington and Sarah Quinn   The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed in February 2009 during the […]

Know the Jury Before Walking Into the Courtroom

Practice Tips: Guide to Juror Research (2016 Update)   By: Matt Wetherington and Sherry Rosen During voir dire, prospective jurors are generally responsive to thoughtful questions and speak candidly and enthusiastically about preexisting beliefs and biases.  Just kidding.  In most cases, open and honest panel members are among the first to receive a preemptive strike.  […]