Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Pedestrian Right of Way in Crosswalks OCGA 40-6-91

CAR VS. PEDESTRIAN: WHO HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY?   Have you ever wondered what happens after a car hits a pedestrian? Do you know who’s legally responsible for the damages? That’s what we’re going to talk about today, as we go over Georgia’s statute 40-6-91. But first, let’s review the concept of negligence per […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Obstructions of the Driver’s View or Control – OCGA  40-6-242

Driving With an Unclear View in Georgia   Hello, and welcome back to our ongoing series on Georgia’s traffic statutes, and how each one can be used to establish negligence per se in a civil case. In most civil cases, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant not only hurt them in some way, but […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Turning and Signaling – OCGA 40-6-123

Using Turn Signals Properly on Georgia Roads   Have you ever been taken off guard by a driver changing lanes without signaling? Did you wonder if what they were doing was illegal, or just inconsiderate? Well, today we’re going to be talking about the basic rules for using turn signals, and how violating these rules […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Illegal U-Turns – OCGA 40-6-121

When Are U-Turns Legal in Georgia?   When is it okay to make a U-turn in Georgia? When a sign says so? When there’s no sign saying otherwise? The real answer is a bit more complicated, and it’s found within OCGA 40-6-121. Before we get into analyzing OCGA 40-6-121, let’s review why we’re talking about […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Special Rules for Funeral Processions Under OCGA 40-6-74

The Right-of Way During a Funeral Procession    Last week in our ongoing discussion of civil liability and negligence per se, we talked about the duty of drivers to yield to emergency vehicles. This requirement, laid out in OCGA 40-6-74, protects the public safety, both on the road and at the sites of emergencies that […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Yielding to Emergency Vehicles – OCGA 40-6-74

What Can Happen If Someone Doesn’t Yield to an Emergency Vehicle   What do you do when you hear a siren and see those flashing lights? Do you stop where you are? Do you look for a parking spot? How long do you wait before continuing onward? Today we’ll talk about the proper way to […]

Georgia’s Rules for Stop Signs and Yield Signs: OCGA 40-6-72.

Understanding Stop Signs and Yield Signs as a Driver in Georgia   Welcome back to our ongoing discussion of Georgia’s rules of the road, and how they can be used to establish liability after a car accident. The rules of the road are a vital resource for proving liability, because of a concept called negligence […]

Civil Liability and Sex Crimes in Georgia: Child Molestation OCGA 16-6-4

Child Molestation Civil Lawsuits in Georgia Hello, and welcome back to our ongoing blog series on sex crimes and civil liability.  The statutes forbidding sex crimes are intended to protect people from physical and emotional pain, so violations of these statutes can create criminal AND civil liability. Last week, we talked about how this applies […]

In Georgia, Tampering With a Traffic Control Device Can Result in Civil Liability if it Causes a Car Wreck

Unlawful Tampering With a Traffic Control Device in Georgia   When one person’s actions cause harm to another person, proving that those actions qualify as negligent is an essential step in securing a settlement to cover the damages. In this blog series on civil liability in traffic accidents, we’ve been discussing how individual traffic laws […]

Georgia Police Officers Who Give Chase in a Reckless Manner May Be Responsible for Injuries Under OCGA 40-6-6

Proving Negligence in Police Chase Cases In this series of articles on vehicular accidents and negligence per se, we’ve been talking about how the rules of the road can take the guesswork out of determining negligence after a car wreck. Normally, the negligence of an action is measured by whether a reasonable person would expect […]

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: Passing Vehicles Proceeding in Opposite Directions Under OCGA 40-6-41

Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: O.C.G.A 40-6-41   Last week, in our ongoing blog series on civil liability after traffic accidents, we went over statutes 40-6-40, 40-6-45, and 40-6-48, which deal with when it is and isn’t acceptable to leave your lane or your side of the road. Today, we’ll continue with […]

Closing Argument Considerations for Personal Injury Claims in Georgia

Helpful Tips From Matt Wetherington on Closing Argument   In the 1986 science fiction novel Speaker for the Dead, author Orson Scott Card writes about the fictional profession of being a Speaker.  A Speaker researches the complete life of a deceased person to enable the Speaker to tell the person’s story, with all the small […]