Determining Liability After a Car Wreck in Georgia: The Rules of Overtaking

The Safe Way to Pass Cars in Georgia Welcome back to our blog series on negligence per se! For those just joining us, negligence per se is the idea that any action that violates a rule intended to protect the public safety is, by definition, negligent. This means that anyone who causes an accident by […]

Georgia Lawyer Responds to Officer Tatum Regarding Ahmaud Arbery Accusations

Matt Wetherington is a nationally recognized trial attorney that takes on causes, not cases. He is very purposeful in the cases he accepts and seeks out ways to make the world a better place through the civil justice system. His efforts have led to new laws, regulations, and massive changes for many industries.  He has […]

How the Corona Virus Affects Georgia Foreclosures & Bankruptcy

FREE LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION WITH GEORGIA ATTORNEYS on Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy & Property Foreclosure in Georgia WHEN:  Thursday, April 2 at 5:00pm Eastern Time This event is moderated by Matt Wetherington.  Attorneys Richard Alembik, Michael Rethinger, and Will Geer will answer your questions about the bankruptcy and home foreclosure implications of […]

Legal Implication of COVID-19: How the Corona Virus Affects Georgia

FREE LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION WITH GEORGIA ATTORNEYS Attorneys Matt Wetherington, Austin Bersinger, and Sheri Oluyemi answered your questions about the legal implications of Covid-19 / Corona Virus in Georgia This even has ended.  You can re-watch the video here:      TOPICS COVERED: Frequently asked questions by Georgia business owners dealing with […]

The Myth of Full Compensation in Personal Injury Cases

Most People Never Recover a Fair Amount in Personal Injury Litigation by: Matt Wetherington   Here is a dirty secret of the legal industry: despite nearly every attorney in the country (including me) promising “full compensation,” it rarely happens.  The civil justice system exists to place injury victims in the same financial position he or […]