It’s Time for Georgia to Include Tires in Annual Vehicle Inspections

There Is More To Tire Safety Thank Checking Air Pressure By: Matt Wetherington Every consumer knows to periodically check the pressure and occasionally rotate and balance their tires.  But very few consumers know of the hidden hazards that affect EVERY passenger tire in the United States.  These hazards hit warm-weather states like Georgia, Florida, and […]

Product Liability: Tire Defect Cases; Product Liability and Design Defect Cases in Georgia

Practice Tips From Matt Wetherington on Screening Products Liability Cases in Georgia   A young man is a passenger in a vehicle traveling on the highway.  He is properly wearing a seatbelt, the vehicle is traveling within the speed limit, and everything about the trip has been unremarkable.  Suddenly, the vehicle makes a loud noise […]

2019 Guide to Filing an Unsafe Product Complaint

How to Help Protect Others From Dangerous Products We receive many calls involving dangerous products that “almost” cause serious injury.  Although we cannot pursue legal claims for near misses, it is incredibly important that the public knows about these dangerous products.  Your story may help prevent someone else from being seriously injured or killed. The […]