The Wetherington Law Firm has obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the United States.


Results matter.  But don’t let large numbers fool you. Most personal injury law firms, including us, have settled cases for large amounts.   But all personal injury lawyers and law firms are not equal. ANY lawyer can get a $1 million settlement with a case worth $5 million. Very few lawyers have taken a case to trial. Even fewer have obtained verdicts that set records or force companies to change how they treat people.

Our firm specializes in catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims.  We get better results for our clients because we take cases to trial and obtain large verdicts. Even if your case does not go to trial, the threat of a verdict will force a higher settlement. The results listed on this page are representative of the kinds of cases we handle and the amounts we obtain at trial.  Call or text us at 404-888-4444 to start a conversation with one of our lawyers to see if we are a good fit for your case.


Featured Verdicts and Settlements:


Additional Results:

  • $12 million judgment for motorcycle wreck resulting in multiple orthopedic injuries

  • $7 million settlement for broken hip after rollover wreck due to tire failure

  • $7 million settlement for spinal fusion after tractor-trailer wreck

  • $3 million settlement with car dealership that failed to remove recalled tire, resulting in a skull fracture

  • $3 million settlement with tire dealership for failing to remove defective tire result in death

  • $2.8 million verdict for rollover wreck resulting in lower leg injury

  • $2 million settlement with car manufacturer for failing to remove recalled tire from a vehicle, resulting in multiple injuries

  • $2.1 million settlement with tire manufacturer for defective tire resulting in death

  • $1.1 million settlement with State Farm for vehicle wreck resulting in death