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There is no shortage of small shareable scooters in most urban areas these days and Atlanta is no exception. Many companies have entered the “shareable dockless mobility device” market, including Bird, Bolt, Jump, Lime, Lyft, Spin and Wheels. Scooters are eco-friendly and fun.  As more and more people opt to jump on these scooters to get around town, often without protective gear, there has been a significant increase in head trauma and broken bones.  Accidents result from being struck by a car, falling off scooters and, tripping on carelessly abandoned scooters are increasing exponentially.

Cities like Atlanta have responded with new ordinances to attempt to make urban spaces safer.

In Atlanta, the following rules apply:

  • Restricted to 15 mph and 8 mph in the reduced speed zone along the heavily congested portion of the Atlanta BeltLine
  • Must be parked standing up to yield at least five feet of space for pedestrians
  • Scooters to be ridden on streets, preferably in bike lanes, rather than sidewalks
  • No cell phone usage during operation
  • One person per scooter

Scooters are smaller than vehicles making them more difficult for drivers to see. And, although scooters travel at 15 mph or slower, accidents can result in much worse than routine car accidents.  In just the last year, we have seen spinal injuries, concussions, broken bones, lacerations, and death.

The Wetherington Law Firm is your source for hiring an Atlanta scooter injury lawyer. Our lawyers are experienced at assessing these personal injury claims and can quickly help you to determine whether your potential claims are worthwhile to pursue.

Common Causes of Scooter Accidents

Many factors can negatively impact a scooter and cause an accident. Common causes are:

  • Debris – rocks, fallen branches, litter, shredded tires
  • Defective scooters – poorly maintained equipment
  • Negligent drivers – distracted or impaired drivers
  • Badly maintained roadways – potholes, cracks, roadway hazards, uneven surfaces
  • Lighting – dark or overly bright conditions can impair vision
  • Weather conditions – snow, wind rain and excessive heat
  • Sidewalk riding – puts both the scooter operator and pedestrians at risk
  • User error – inexperienced riders
  • Lack of safety precautions – riding without helmets and proper safety pads
  • Not following traffic laws – failure to stop for lights and stop signs

Scooter Safety Tips

  • Review the scooter rental company’s safety information rather than skipping through it to accept the user agreement
  • Follow traffic laws
  • Wear a helmet and the proper safety pads
  • Only one rider per scooter
  • Put your cell phone away
  • Remain alert for road hazards, pedestrians, vehicles, pets, etc.
  • Stay off the sidewalks
  • Park safely

Steps to Take If You Have Been Involved in a Scooter Accident in Atlanta

  1. Contact the police to make a report. This is where most scooter injury cases go wrong.  You must call the Atlanta Police Department so they can document all circumstances relating to the scooter accident.  This is not only important for you case, but also helps the city improve and develop new guidelines for scooters.
  2. Take photos and document everything on the scene – damages, road conditions, traffic signs, hazards, etc.
  3. Write down all witnesses contact information.
  4. Exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident – record, names, drivers license numbers, phone numbers, insurance information, addresses, and all vehicle information including year, make, model and license plate numbers.
  5. Say as little as possible on the scene when your emotions are high, and adrenaline is flowing. The wrong words can come back to haunt you later.
  6. Contact an attorney immediately. Let our experienced scooter attorneys handle the damage claims and other legalities while you focus on your health and recovering from your injuries.

Scooter accidents can immediately change your life significantly.  Victims describe, mental, emotional and financial consequences in addition to the obvious physical harm suffered.

Who Is Monetarily Responsible for a Scooter Injury?

When you are injured in a scooter accident, circumstances contributing to the accident must be determined to decide fault.  Were you struck by a driver of a vehicle?  Are poorly maintained roadways the cause? Was there a visibility issue?  Was another scooter involved?  Did the scooter malfunction?

Our scooter injury lawyers are experienced at determining who is liable for your pain and suffering.

What Must I Prove to Recover for Personal Injuries After a Scooter Injury?

Recovering personal injury damages after a scooter accident required proving the basic tort elements:

  1. The existence of a duty on the part of the other driver to act a certain way;
  2. The failure of the driver to perform that duty;
  3. Actual injuries; and
  4. Proof that the injuries were proximately caused by the driver’s negligence.

We understand these elements can be confusing and have created additional information about each of these torts.   (See this link to learn more about the legal element of “Duty.”) To begin understanding these torts, the most important thing to know is the meaning of the word duty. Substituting the word “responsibility” or “obligation” for duty provides the clearest explanation. All drivers are required to avoid harming others and to drive safely. Responsible drivers will:

  • Follow the posted speed limits;
  • Be alert for scooters;
  • Yield
  • Slow down or stop as necessary; and
  • Keep their vehicle properly maintained.

When drivers do not do these things, they can be deemed negligent.  Juries are often asked to determine if they find that the driver was negligent.

You Can Make a Lasting Difference in the Lives of Others by Hiring the Wetherington Law Firm for Your Scooter Accident

Obtaining full and complete compensation for our clients is the most important service we provide to our clients.  Protecting the general public and making sure that other people are protected is part of obtaining justice.  We frequently work with law enforcement, local government officials, state legislators, and federal agencies to understand the root cause of dangerous conditions.  This often leads to uncovering dangerous trends or patterns of behavior that must be changed.  Many of our clients have chosen not to be defined by their injuries, and instead choose to serve as a beacon of hope to others.  Whether through legislation, refusing to settle unless changes are made, or simply sharing their story, our clients’ efforts have helped save MILLIONS of people from serious injury or death.  If you can help prevent even one other person from being hurt or injured by the same problem, it will help make every day of your recovery a little bit better.  We care about you as a person and will work with you however you want to help make the world a safer and better place.  Call us now to get started.



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