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When businesses have real disputes, they frequently turn to corporate counsel that has never tried a case or even argued a summary judgment motion in a courtroom.  This decision places unnecessary strain on the attorney-client relationship, generates incredibly large legal bills, and leads to unsatisfactory outcomes for everyone.  Filing a lawsuit against a competitor or former business partner is not a part of routine business negotiations.  Once a lawsuit is filed, the outcome of your dispute is largely taken out of the business’ hands and placed into the hands of a judge and/or jury to resolve.  It is imperative that the corporation hire experienced civil litigation attorneys with extensive trial experience involved as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, trial lawyers generally charge substantially higher rates than corporate counsel.  However, for select clients and corporate counsel that we have existing relationships with, we will handle the case on a contingency basis.  That means that we advance 100% of the litigation costs, waive all hourly fees, and accept a percentage of the final recovery made on behalf of the client.  If the claim is unsuccessful, the client owes us nothing.

Our firm handles essentially all business disputes.  To learn more about our practice and expertise, please schedule a consultation.

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What our clients say about Us:

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Why Hire Us?

Reputation matters. Our firm only pursues high value, meritorious lawsuits. The insurance companies may not like us, but they respect the work we do and results we obtain for our clients. When a case moves into litigation, the defense attorneys know that we have properly investigated the claims, know the applicable law, and are preparing the case for trial.

There is no risk when hiring our firm.

We do not charge attorney fees for obtaining property damage or medical payment coverage for our clients. Other firms charge for this service.

We have saved our clients millions simply by negotiating medical bills and fighting invalid medical liens.