1280 West Class Action

Class Action Against Atlanta Condominium Association and Property Management Company


Residents of the 1280 West high rise in Atlanta are suing their homeowners association and the property management company, Beacon, after each resident was forced to pay a $5,000 assessment.  The residents claims that the building’s insurance company should have paid for nearly $2 million in repairs.  However, the insurance company never received a chance.  The HOA and its management company refused to submit the claim.  Now it is too late to submit an insurance claim.  The residents claim that this was a breach of fiduciary duty and now request that the HOA and Beacon Management pay for the repair.

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Who Pays for the Lawyers in the 1280 West Class Action?

The Wetherington Law Firm is pursuing the 1280 West class action on a contingency basis.  This meant that we take on the full cost and risk of litigation.  If the case is successful, the losing defendant pays our fees directly, or we receive a percentage of the money obtained for the benefit of the class.  In all cases, the trial judge will determine what a fair fee is for our services.

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