How the Corona Virus Affects Georgia Foreclosures & Bankruptcy

FREE LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION WITH GEORGIA ATTORNEYS on Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy & Property Foreclosure in Georgia

WHEN:  Thursday, April 2 at 5:00pm Eastern Time

This event is moderated by Matt Wetherington.  Attorneys Richard Alembik, Michael Rethinger, and Will Geer will answer your questions about the bankruptcy and home foreclosure implications of Covid-19 / Corona Virus in Georgia.


(L-R) Wetherington, Alembik, Rethinger, Geer



    • Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy in Georgia During COVID
      • What can I expect overall when it comes to my bankruptcy case?
      • Can I still file a bankruptcy petition?
      • What can I expect if I need to go to bankruptcy court?
      • Should I still pay the filing fee or file my paperwork on time?
      • My trustee sent me an Affidavit of Debtor regarding a telephonic hearing. Do I need to sign it?
      • What does it mean if my 341 meeting or hearing is “continued until a later date to be determined”?
      • I just filed, will my 341 meeting be scheduled? When will I get my Form 309A?
      • Will this delay my discharge?
      • Will this affect my automatic stay?
      • Do I need to contact my creditors?
    • Frequently Asked Questions About Home Foreclosure in Georgia During Covid
      • How do I get mortgage relief and/or forbearance?


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