Georgia Legal Accelerator

Georgia Legal Accelerator Information Page

This program is intended for attorneys who are currently shareholders or intend to open a law firm within the next three years.  The 2019 application season has closed, but we will update this page when 2020 applications are available.

Unlike other programs for lawyers, Georgia Legal Accelerator does not consist solely of legal pointers. Instead, the program is designed to provide you with key insights into successfully launching, managing, marketing, and growing a legal practice.  This includes:

  1. Planning (budgeting, banking, and structuring)
  2. Office setup (equipment, supplies, and software);
  3. Staffing (hiring, training, and oversight);
  4. Risk management (insurance, procedures, and compliance);
  5. Marketing (networking, advertising, and online presence);
  6. Client relations (screening, selecting, and closing);
  7. Practice management (systems, automation, and organization); and
  8. Mental health (stress management, work-life balance, and finding joy)

We will provide this training through 1 on 1 mentoring, small group meetings, and CLE style presentations. You will also receive weekly emails from established lawyers regarding ongoing efforts to grow their firm, including what is working, not working, and how much time/money it costs.  These emails will never include requests for money or case referrals.

Like traditional legal training programs, the Georgia Legal Accelerator will also offer education and practice pointers about Georgia law.  This includes information that is applicable to every law practice in Georgia, including appellate procedure, ethics considerations, and legal drafting tips.


Who Should Apply?

Attorneys who have been licensed for less than six years.

Attorneys who are currently a solo practitioner or shareholder of a firm consisting of fewer than six shareholders.

Attorneys who intend to open a law firm or become a shareholder within the next three years.

What is the Deadline to Apply?

The 2019 application season has closed, but we will update this page when 2020 applications are available.

Who is Running This Program?

Matt Wetherington and Kurt Kastorf are the co-chairs of the Georgia Legal Accelerator Class of 2020.  Wetherington is a trial attorney who focuses on complex personal injury, wrongful death, and class action cases.  He recently left a firm where he served as managing partner to launch the Wetherington Law Firm.  Wetherington has successfully represented clients in all fifty states and is widely recognized for his effective public advocacy efforts in courts and legislatures.

Kurt Kastorf is an appellate and trial attorney who helps co-counsel fix their most challenging legal issues. Kurt worked for the United States Department of Justice, multiple Federal and appellate courts, and at large firms in both Washington, D.C. and Atlanta before joining The Summerville Firm, a five attorney litigation boutique. Last year alone, The Summerville Firm assisted their co-counsel in obtaining or defending on appeal $262 million in verdicts and settlements.