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On November 19, 2021, the Wetherington Law Firm filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Black Oxygen Organics (“BOO”) related to unsafe levels of toxic heavy metals in all of their products.  On November 23, 2021, Black Oxygen Organics shut down worldwide.  For two months prior to shutting down, BOO collected money from customers and brand partners without actually shipping most of the products.  Even after Black Oxygen knew that the FDA had seized its products and a recall was imminent, BOO continued to collect payments and even held an “all-time low” sale to collect as much money as possible prior to its closure.  When closing, BOO also announced that it would not refund customers or pay any earned commissions to the brand partners who facilitated the sale of those products.

BOO’s claims that their money was frozen are false.  If you have information concerning which institutions BOO used to process or store money, or any information concerning the current location of the money collected by Black Oxygen, please use the form below.  Your information and identification will be held confidential to the extent that we are legally able.  If you prefer to send an anonymous email, you can message tips@wfirm.com.

Please do not use this form for general questions about Black Oxygen.  Use the form here instead.